Thank you for visiting PPTetc.com. This is a simple website. We can do complicated and we can do complex, but when it can be simple, let’s do simple!

Why PPT?

PPT = People Process Technology. Any successful and sustainable business change must address people, process and technology – in that order.

Why that order?

Because failing to engage with the people who you need to implement the change will ensure the change isn’t sustainable. They execute the processes every day so they know them best. And they know where they work. And where they don’t. There is no point implementing, changing or improving the technology unless you understand and simplify the processes first. And only the people can help us do that.

Why sustainable?

Because change isn’t a one-off event. Successful organisations and teams recognise that after any major change has been embedded, continuous improvement is necessary to maintain a competitive edge. And, again, PPT applies.

“IT projects” are not “IT” projects

All businesses now have to be digital businesses if they are to survive. That means there is no longer such a thing as an IT project (if there ever was…). In a digital business, there are only business projects and they will inevitably involve technology.

Why etc?

PPT etc included “etc” in its name because we also recognise that sometimes you don’t need someone to drive strategic change but to help deal with imposed change. You may need an experienced person to steady the ship when key employees leave and their successor hasn’t started. Or there may be disruption to the business from a crisis such as a security breach , supply chain issue or business continuity plan invocation.


Having worked globally in different industries and sectors, Dave Glanville set up PPT etc to utilise his experience from delivering change programs that succeeded by focusing on people, process and technology – in that order.

Dave specialises in projects that:

  • Deliver cultural change to bring about better ways of working;
  • Introduce document management systems to take control of corporate information;
  • Migrate solutions to the cloud (such as Office 365) to increase availability; and
  • Automate business processes to increase efficiency.

Dave can also provide an interim solution for senior IT roles.


The best way to make contact is via email: mailppt@pptetc.com.

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Registered address: 181 Park Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6DJ.
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